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The current catalogue listed here is by no means comprehensive, but acts as a guide to general and specific product categories. Formulations listed here are general by nature, and can be customised to suit each customer’s requirements.

About us...


Chalmers Dale & Co Pty Ltd. is a family-owned, Australian company based in Milsons Point, Sydney. We are a supplier of health, beauty, and nutrition products to Australia, and the world. Our company has a reputation for producing the highest quality products and providing the finest level of customer service. Our knowledge of the international market is intimate due to our regular forays and travels to overseas markets, thus placing us in a unique position to identify and respond to changing consumer buying habits as they emerge.


The flexibility and the combination of our developmental expertise, coupled with the highest quality assurance – meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements of GMP and TGA, places us at the forefront of the global health and nutrition market.

Chalmers Dale & Co Pty Ltd. is a leader in new product development, and we are consistently able to offer our customers innovative products to meet growing trends in the health food and nutrition markets. The information gained enables us to recommend the best selling products for all market areas, including  pharmaceutical, supermarket, veterinarian, health and nutrition, leisure, industrial and the ever-growing multi-level-marketing areas.