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Hair & Body Products

Soap, body wash and hair care, even for the most sensitive skin types

From our moisture-locking Jojoba soap to the nourishing, healing Propolis and Royal Jelly in our essential basics, your skin and hair will shine with Chalmers Dale.

Our Jojoba soaps use oils extracted from pesticide-free jojoba seeds as well as tiny Jojoba esters for natural exfoliation. Discover all the natural beauty benefits of Jojoba oil here.

Our NEW Essential Basics range features highly-potent Propolis & Royal Jelly as key natural ingredients. These deliver powerful antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory benefits for skin and hair. They are excellent for dry, easily irritated skin types and are the perfect solution for dry, flaking scalps and dandruff. Learn more about the benefits of Propolis here.