Now you can turn the clock back, to a younger looking face. CD Jojoba Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Ageing Cream has been carefully formulated to lift away all wrinkles, bags, and puffiness within two months. This cream helps reverse the signs of ageing, and has a tightening effect on lines and wrinkles. The results are stunning, flawless skin. 


Three ingredients make all this happen – Jojoba Oil – a wax that is identical to our own body oils, Coenzyme Q10 – increases tissue oxygenation, and has vital anti-ageing properties, and Matrixyl 3000—a proven plant derived peptide that repairs damaged skin.


Ingredient features:

  1. Contains Matrikines– “Matrikines” are plant derived peptide fragments which are proven to increase collagen repair and production.
  2. Contains Coenzyme Q10, also known as Vitamin Q, which plays a vital role in the delivery of cellular energy and has potent antioxidant effects.
  3. Contains Jojoba Oil — a soothing and healing agent.

CD Jojoba Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Ageing Cream: 1 x 50g

SKU: CD9005
  • Contains Matrikines, Coenzyme Q10 (aka Vitamin Q) and Pure Jojoba Oil.

  • Originally found in the harsh arid deserts of Mexico, the Jojoba Bean is one of the earth’s most natural and useful products. Pronounced “Ho-Ho-Ba”, it is also known as liquid gold. When used in cosmetics and personal care products, Jojoba Oil is beneficial to the hair, lips and skin. 

    Chalmers Dale Jojoba is a natural product that has a very high percentage of long carbon chain lengths in a natural mix of wax ester that performs both as a carrier and as an active ingredient. As such, it is nourishing, odourless, non-greasy, moisturising and emollient. Jojoba is also widely known for its deep penetrating and quick absorption qualities.

    Studies show that Jojoba is non-comedogenic, and therefore provides an ideal base for fighting wrinkles and acne and for use in therapeutic products. Its natural ability to solubilize sebum allows Jojoba to spread readily and absorb easily into the skin, improving skin suppleness.