Chalmers Dale has carefully chosen nourishing ingredients from nature, to leave your skin moisturised and more elastic with this intensely moisturising body cream. Fortified with propolis, this cream is known to assist in combating dry skin, without leaving any greasy residue, only fresh, beautiful skin. 


The formulation of a cream which includes propolis, brings with it the well known benefits of being a natural antibacterial, anti-styptic, toning and healing product. The challenge of incorporating propolis is complicated by the fact that propolis is naturally dark in color, soluble in ethanol, and often includes beeswax and resins.


CD Propolis Moisture Cream: 3 x 50g

SKU: CD8805
  • Propolis Cream is designed to promote skin smoothness and radiance. It protects and moisturises the skin and has a light texture and non-greasy finish, making it ideal for both day and night use. When used regularly, it will replenish the skin and stabilize it against free radicals, leaving it hydrated and revitalised.