The formulation of a toothpaste which includes Propolis brings to it properties such as antibacterial protection, antistyptic aid and deodorisation.


However, this process of including Propolis into a toothpaste is complex, due to the fact thatPropolis is very dark in colour, contains over 150 compounds and is mainly soluble in alcoholic solutions.


Chalmers Dale is the only company in the world to have solved this problem by making its own Propolis Extracts in azeotropic mixtureswhich yields an active material of low colour index which is suitable for inclusion in a toothpaste.


CD Propolis Toothpaste 110g incorporates a special water-soluble Propolis extract which assists in keeping the mouth fresh, protecting teeth from decay and ensuring healthy gums.


When used regularly, CD Propolis Toothpaste will prevent periodontal disease while at the same time cleaning, whitening and brightening teeth, removing stains, reducing plaque or tartar build-up, helping to maintain healthy teeth and gums, protecting against tooth decay, reducing cavities and helping to fight bad breath by killing odour causing bacteria in the mouth.



  • As a mouth deodoriser. Eliminates bad breath and halitosis. Propolis kills bacteria which resides in the oral cavity that feeds on food particles and residue thus eliminating bad breath.
  • Prevents and stops bleeding gums. Bleeding gums are usually due to food particles which normal brushing cannot remove. The food particles decay causing irritation to the gums, resulting in bleeding. Propolis actually prevents these food particles from decaying and also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect which quickly heals the irritated gums and stops further bleeding. The benefit is especially enhanced in older people whose teeth usually shrink away from the gums due to ageing and usually suffer more from bleeding gums than usual.
  • Prevents tooth decay. Propolis kills harmful bacteria which cause tooth decay. It is an interesting fact that most antibiotics kill all bacteria, whether good or bad, and when used incorrectly produce “antibiotic resistant” bacteria, thus negating the effects of the antibiotic. Propolis has a natural built in quality that does not allow the bacteria to produce antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. It also acts selectively on “bad” or “harmful” bacteria only, but leaves the natural flora of “good bacteria” in balance.
  • Prevents gingivitis and most gum diseases caused by inadequate brushing.
  • Prevents and heals cold sores and mouth ulcerations and sores caused by bacteria (herpes simplex) or accidental scuffing.
  • Pleasant tasting.
  • CD Propolis Toothpaste protects teeth from decay.



Propolis is the natural antibiotic that bees collect from various plant sources to “sanitise” their hives to prevent the outbreak of diseases and to maintain their own health.


An analysis of Propolis shows that it contains some 150 complex compounds, amongst them bioflavonoids, a whole range of vitamins including A, B1, B2, B7,E, C, H, P, D, folic acid and nicotinic acids, and minerals including iron, copper,zinc, manganese, aluminum, magnesium, cobalt, vanadium, strontium, siliconand calcium.

CD Propolis Toothpaste: 3 x 110g

SKU: CD8842
  • Propolis Toothpaste incorporates a special water soluble Propolis Extract which assists in keeping the mouth fresh, protecting teeth from decay, and ensuring healthy gums. Used regularly, it will prevent periodontal disease while it cleans, whitens, and brightens teeth, removes stains, reduces plaque and tartar build-up, reduces cavities and helps to fight bad breath.


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