CD Propolis Toothpaste is a great addition to your oral health care routine. Our toothpaste incorporates a special water-soluble propolis extract, which assists in keeping the mouth fresh, protecting teeth from decay,  promoting healthy gums, and removing bacteria that causes bad breath. Our toothpaste has a gentle, pleasant taste, which won’t overwhelm your tastebuds like other toothpastes can.

CD Propolis Toothpaste: 3 x 110g

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  • When used regularly, CD Propolis Toothpaste will prevent periodontal disease, while at the same time cleaning, whitening, and brightening teeth. Our toothpaste also helps with removing stains, reducing plaque or tartar build-up, maintaining healthy teeth and gums, protecting against tooth decay, reducing cavities, and fight bad breath by killing odour causing bacteria in the mouth.