Chalmers Dale Propolis Essence the heavy hitter of all our propolis products.


CD Propolis Essence is an alcohol based extract that has all the health promoting attributes of propolis, in the strongest and most potent extra strength formula – 80% w/w.


Our Propolis Essence is as close to raw propolis as you might find.


It is a powerful way to ingest and absorb the multi-vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and active anti-microbial compunds naturally present in propolis.


Chalmers Dale Propolis Essence is a seriously unique product for people who are seriously interested in maintaining health and wellbeing.


Propolis is a naturally powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger. These properties deliver a mighty range of healthy aging, preventive wellness and health improving benefits.


Learn more about the nutrient rich composition of Propolis and its wide range of health benefits of here.


Propolis Essence: 1 x 50g

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  • At 80% w/w, Chalmers Dale Propolis Essence is one of the strongest, and most potent extracts of propolis in the commercial market. 

    It's the heavy hitter of all Chalmers Dale propolis products; an alcohol based extract with all the health properties of propolis, in the strongest, most potent extra strength formula.

    In this close-to-raw form, CD Propolis Essence maintains the highest level of multi vitamin and mineral nutrients, bioflavonoids and active antibacterial enzymes.

    A very unique product, rarely available elsewhere. Try our Propolis Essence today.