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How to Make An Anti-aging Mindset

"The lens through which we see ourselves tends to define what we see."

You can apply this statement to anything, and it definitely applies to how we feel about aging.

The way we age is filtered through the eyes of a culture that prizes youth, ignores or pities the old and fears the process of aging itself.

Advertising, TV and culture position getting older as something we don't want and should avoid for as long as possible - often at high costs too. We're trained to be ANTI-aging, right? Who wants to get old?

We're led to believe that getting older also means becoming less capable, less productive, less active, less healthy and of course, much less beautiful.

What a load of BS! That might be the way for some, but it's not for everyone.

There are plenty men and women absolutely nailing life after 40, 50 and 60!

Our 40s, 50s and 60s should be the best times of our lives. We're older, more mature, more settled, with more experience, more disposable income and in many cases, more time. That sounds like the prime of life to me!

How you think about aging will shape how you age.

Who cares if you're not all over Tik Tok, you've never seen Stranger Things, and have no idea what sounds are trending? You have SO much more to offer the world, and it starts with changing your mind...

This is how to create a real anti-aging mindset, and simply age better:

1. Use all the good parts of being older to your advantage

Your knowledge, wisdom, years of work experience, understanding of yourself, of other humans, relationships, communications. All these can be used to boost your career, build stronger friendships, better relationships and a more harmonious family life. You can share your insights, teach or just help others, and importantly, give yourself the joy of doing more things that make YOU tick. Go for it!

2. Keep looking after yourself

Eat well. Fill up on good quality fresh whole foods. Support your diet with supplements to make sure you meet all your nutrition needs. Foods and supplements that increase your antioxidant intake are excellent because we simply need more of these than we do when we're younger. Do your daily Wordle to keep your mind active. Small every day choices make a big lifetime difference.

3. Pay attention to your appearance

What you wear has a HUGE impact on how old you appear. If you're not sure what suits your age, there are lots of online 'stylists' with great ideas for women over 40 and 50 and beyond. Social media is a great place to start. Caring for your skin and hair is essential too. Both change after 40, and you'll need products that support these changes, like non-greasy moisturisers, barrier protection and abundant antioxidants (check out our over 40s skincare here).

4. Stay active

Move. As much as possible. You don't have to sweat it out at the gym every day, but weight bearing and cardio exercise will not only keep you in shape, they'll support your bone density, maintain muscle mass, improve posture, mental wellbeing, weight and reduce risk of heart disease. Keeping you younger, longer.

5. Socialise with a range of age groups

Our culture has lost connections between elders, adults, teens and toddlers to the detriment of all. Seek out the young people in your family, your workplaces and social groups. Hang out with your kids, their kids, your friends' kids. This keeps you up to date with new trends, words, styles and fads -even if they're not for you! It also gives you a chance to share and lead. It's fun, often with more play and laughter than grown ups have AND it will keep you away from conversations about pain and illness and old age. That definitely keeps you young!

If you'd like more tips and ideas on getting older better, let us know. You can also check out how other awesome women are doing it too, like Leanne at Cresting the Hill and Sue at Women Living Well after 50.

Age well beauties!

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