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Reasons to Own a Bottle of Jojoba Oil

Amidst beauty-boosting and skin care oils, jojoba oil extracted from jojoba nuts stands out as a highly essential oil. Having a slightly nutty fragrance and clear golden colour in its raw form, jojoba oil is rich in vitamins A, E, and D. It also works as an antibacterial, analgesic, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory. It works on all skin types. Compared to other oils, it doesn't have much of a greasy feel due to its waxy form. When you discover its beauty benefits, you'll surely want to lay your hands on this amazing oil.




Dandruff control

This irritating scalp condition can cause you to scratch your scalp until it hurts. Dandruff is commonly caused by dryness of the scalp. Just a few drops of this amazing oil are enough to keep your scalp moisturized and keep itching and irritation at bay.


Skin moisturizer

Harsh creams and bath soaps dry out the skin quite easily; even washing your face with plain H2O can strip the skin of moisture and sebum. Applying jojoba oil to the skin conditions and seals enough moisture in the skin.


For chapped lips

There's no need to conceal your dry lips with lipstick when you have a bottle of jojoba oil handy. Dab a few drops on your lips regularly to keep your chapped lips soft and supple.


To control hair loss

It's normal to lose a few strands of hair every now and then, and those strands will definitely grow back; however, if you have a serious case of hair loss leading to hair thinning, it's an indication that your hair isn't properly nourished. Jojoba oil, rich in active vitamins and minerals, can easily give your hair all the nourishment it needs.

Experience the difference firsthand with Chalmers Dale's Jojoba Oil, a must-have addition to your self-care arsenal.

Chalmers Dale's Pure Jojoba Oils are processed from Jojoba seeds using our unique cold press method to deliver perfectly (100%) pure Jojoba Oil.

It is easily absorbed by the skin, providing a partial protective layer that allows the skin to breathe while locking in moisture.  It is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn't clog pores, which is ideal for preventing irritations and infections, including acne and blemishes.


Our jojoba oil is guaranteed to be free from residual pesticides, herbicides, or chemical additives. It does not use transgenic plants and has not been animal-tested.

Discover the transformative power of jojoba and unlock the secret to radiant, revitalized skin and hair with Chalmers Dale. With nature's own elixir at your fingertips, beauty and wellness are within reach like never before.


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