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The link between health and beauty

At Chalmers Dale, we know health and beauty are like peas and carrots - they just go together!

Whatever your definition of beauty - a great smile, clear skin, sparkling eyes or a positive energy; they're less achievable when we're not healthy.

And it's not only physical health that matters. Mental and emotional health affect beauty too.

We can't be our most radiant self if we're plagued by low mood, negative thoughts and emotional stress.

In a world where external beauty is sold as a high value commodity, we want to remind you that your inner wellbeing - your physical health and mental health - are fundamentally more important to beauty than any skincare or beauty product you can buy on a shelf!

These are the four vital elements of every health and beauty routine....

1. Good Nutrition

What you eat programs every function - good or bad - in your body. Vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, fibre and antioxidants have not one, but many, many functions in your body.

We so often eat for pleasure or habit that we forget that every food compound has a job.

They are required for building and replicating cells; blood cells immune cells, organ cells - all of them! They're essential for heart function, muscle contraction, delivering oxygen, digesting food, producing energy, clearing waste and toxins, building tissues, skin and bone as well as producing hormones, enzymes and neurotransmitters and regulating how those are used by your body.

What you eat directly impacts every single one of those processes - for better or worse.

When we are well nourished, the body works better. We feel better and naturally look better.

Sometimes we lack certain nutrients or just need an extra boost of supportive nutrients, especially when we're under stress, getting older or have simply not been making the best food choices. We recommended supplemental support with vitamin and nutrient rich superfoods at those times.

2. Optimal Hydration

You may have heard that while we can go many, many days without eating, we simply cannot survive without adequate hydration. Long term chronic dehydration thickens the blood and puts extra pressure on the heart. Any time blood movement is restricted, all other organs are impacted because they are effectively starved of oxygen and nutrients, which as you know, are essential for healthy function.

On a totally superficial level, dehydration of course, is drying. Skin, hair and nails are affected by poor hydration. They become harder, more prone to cracking, brittleness and breakage - and that of course affects appearance - especially of skin.

So drink up people! Your health and beauty rely on it! That's water and herbal teas, and less alcohol and coffee, both of which are dehydrating!

3. Physical Activity

This helps health and beauty in so many ways. Starting with improved bone and muscle health, both of which improve posture. Good posture seriously helps with positive healthy mindset too (have you heard of the superhero stance?)

Add improved waste clearance through the liver, bowel and skin, boosting 'happy hormones' and increased mental alertness and energy and you see why being active has physical and mental health benefits.

It naturally helps maintain a healthy weight too. And all of these benefits have a positive effect on appearance. So get active, and stay active for as long as you can!

4. Being supported

So overlooked and so vital for health and beauty.

Being supported means having a good network of friends and family that can make you laugh, lend a hand and catch you if you fall. Being supported is having work or hobbies that fill you up and keep you interested, and relationships where you can be yourself and feel comfortable, included and valued.

These are essential for mental wellbeing at every age and especially at times when we need a little more support like early motherhood, during menopause and in old age.

We support ourselves by actively seeking and giving support and getting involved in groups, classes and activities - even if that means getting out of your comfort zone now and then.

When you feel supported and cared for, you're less stressed which is extremely important for general health. It's easier to keep positive and energised too, both of which are reflected in your appearance.

So you see how interconnected health and beauty are, and beauty, true beauty, just can't exist without health. We hope these tips help you find both!

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