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Winter health & beauty tips

Aside from cold weather and that desire to stay under your doona every morning, Winter brings a few challenges for health and beauty.

Already, you may have noticed a rise in colds, flus, sore throats, stiff joints, body aches and pains and of course, dry skin and lips.

That's enough to keep anyone under the covers!

Before you bunker down, remember there are lots ways you can help yourself look and feel better in the cold winter months. These are our top tips:

foods for healthy immune system

1. Support your immune system A healthy immune system helps reduce your chance of getting sick and improves recovery speed if you do. Supporting your immune system starts with a nutrient rich diet full of fruit, vegetables and high quality protein. Foods high in zinc, vitamin C are extra supportive. Choose winter fruits like mandarins, oranges, tangerines and kiwi fruit. For zinc, add nuts seeds and seafood. Foods with antibacterial and antiviral qualities like fresh garlic, ginger and manuka honey are excellent at this time of year. Adequate sleep, sunshine and minimising stress go a long way to keep you on top of your game. When you need extra immune support, supplements can help. You can't beat a daily propolis supplement! Propolis is a natural health supplement known to maintain healthy immune system function. Just 1-2 capsules a day and you're set for winter!

relief for joint pain

2. Support healthy joints and joint mobility Many people report feeling more joint pain and stiffness in winter. The jury is out on whether this is a scientifically valid, but ask anyone who suffers joint pain and inflammation and they will likely tell you it's a very real thing! Often, morning joint stiffness is worse in winter, especially on very cold mornings. Reduced mobility and more aches or pains through the day are common. Maintaining gentle daily exercise is more essential a this time to keep joints fluid, hydrated and mobile. Circulation slows down in cold weather, so its important to support healthy flow of nutrients and fluids into the joints. That means sitting and lying down less, moving every few hours and adding some stretching more often. For supplemental support, our Cararthron herbal capsules are an excellent help for maintaining flexibility and mobility, reducing stiffness and easing pain from mild arthrits.

healing manuka honey

3. Improve your oral health A healthy oral environment can be a key way to prevent infections of the mouth and throat which are more common in Winter. We love gargling with Propolis liquid at this time of year to support a healthier environment. Propolis liquids are

traditionally used in naturopathic medicine to soothe and relieve oral irritations. Our Propolis Aqualiquid dissolves in water and is sweet tasting, so very easy to use every day. We also love the using medicinal manuka honey for better oral health. A spoonful of raw manuka honey is a great way to provide soothing relief for dry irritated throats.

reduce dry skin in winter

4. Dry skin and lips Dry skin and lips are hard to avoid in Winter, but with some extra TLC, you can retain hydration and keep your skin smooth and moist even in the dryest, coldest weather. At this time you might love long hot showers but they will dry your skin even more. Before you shower, use a dry skin brush to remove excess dry skin. After showering, apply a natural body oil. Natural oils like Jojoba Oil mimic your body's own oils so are quickly absorbed and easily used by your skin. These oils also provide a natural barrier to prevent moisture loss so skin hydration lasts longer. We recommend using Jojoba oil on your body, face and your lips! For extra dry or chapped lips, use a balm with added healing nutrients like our propolis lip balm.

Warm fluids help everything! Drinking enough fluid is a no-brainer and will help all your Winter health & beauty needs. Choose warm herbal teas and soothing warm blends like chai and anti inflammatory hot turmeric drinks.

Your body's needs change with every single season. Winter most definitely is a time to keep a strong immune system, support joint mobility and maintain optimal moisture for your whole body. When you know what you need the most hep with, it's easy to find simple daily solutions! We hope these help you this Winter!


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