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October 12 is World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day is an annual event promoted worldwide through various health communities and organisations, all dedicated to raising awareness about arthritis.

We love getting behind these events because they're so in line with our vision for healthy aging.

When it comes to reducing risk and improving outcomes in arthritis, the focus is the same.

A healthy diet, positive lifestyle choices and moderate exercise is the foundation of good health, aging well and living better during old age too.

These simple foundations are essential in arthritis care as well.

That why we LOVE this year's objectives of World Arthritis Day:
  1. Increasing understanding of the value of pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Educating people on the value of living a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Encouraging early arthritis detection

Here's how we're supporting those objectives:

Here at Chalmers Dale, we're actively working on the first two all the time! This whole blog is dedicated not only to helping you understand the value of living a healthy lifestyle, but how to actually live one!

We are always on the lookout for new studies and information about how we can best optimise our health with diet and lifestyle choices, functional foods, supplemental support and practical tips help you achieve the healthy lifestyle everyone else just talks about! Check out these helpful articles:

The 3rd Objective for World Arthritis Day 2022 is encouraging early detection

No matter your age, if you have joint pain and inflammation, it's vital to get it checked out.

Arthritis is NOT something only old people have. It can start at any age and is most common from 40 onwards. That's you, our lovely readers!

While there are hundreds of types of arthritis, osteo-arthritis is still most prevalent and it's linked to some very common lifestyle factors, like being overweight, heavy load bearing, lifting, repetitive use of joints and a history of joint or tissue injury.

That puts lots of us at risk, not just the oldies!

Being overweight or having a job that involves heavy lifting or moving increases risk. Think: nursing, aged-care, trades, removalists and ironically massage and physio therapists.

Then there's competitive athletics and high impact or repetitive sport players (tennis, running etc.). These contribute to wear and tear, injuries and tissue inflammation that can manifest later as arthritis.

Inflammation is common to all types of arthritis, and many of us have lifestyles that increase inflammatory processes in the body; drinking, smoking, take-away foods and so on.

We need to stop thinking of arthritis as something that affects old people, and understand it as something can affect any one of us, especially as we age.

So get those aches and pains checked out as early as possible! We're not experts in this area, but these guys are, and they have all the best resources to help:

We hope this gets you thinking about how you can reduce your risk of arthritis and how you can support, manage or reduce your symptoms too. Please share it with anyone you think may benefit, and help raise awareness with us.

Try our natural anti-inflammatory support:

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