Youthful skin from within – yes really!

If you are tired of trying cream after cream to fight the battle of the wrinkles, then maybe it is time for something completely different?

TBT tablets are the new secret to hydrated, youthful and radiant skin and all you have to do is swallow a tablet every day - perfect for those time poor people out there!

It’s important to understand what is happening to our skin as we age to be able to make an informed decision on how best to counter it.

Skin hydration and youth depend on key lipids called ceramides. As we age, we lose these ceramides which results in dry, itchy and wrinkly skin. By replacing these lost ceramides orally we can restore our skin’s hydration and eliminate wrinkles.

TBT tablets contain Ceramosides™ which have been developed to be the most efficient source of oral phytoceramides for skin hydration and anti-ageing.

Ceramosides™ bring new ceramides to the skin via the bloodstream and help restore the water barrier and replenish cracks. Skin gets more hydrated and plumped and has a healthy glow.

And we're not making this up! Ceramosides™ action has been scientifically proven by 2 clinical studies to show a strong skin hydration effect and anti-ageing action. Over a period of 2 months, skin moisture and elasticity was improved and wrinkles were reduced.

TBT ingredients also include Grape Seed extract to help improve the overall health and condition of the skin. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of the skin and protects the cells from oxidative stress. And lastly, Vitamin C in its coated form assists in the production of collagen of skin cells and blood vessels.

TBT is all natural, vegan and non GMO. It contains no preservatives, additives or gluten.

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