What is TBT?

TBT has been specially formulated to generate youthful skin - for beauty from within. It hydrates the skin causing a tighter texture, eliminates wrinkles and prevents premature ageing. The result is radiant, glowing skin.

How Does It Work?

TBT consists of two main ingredients which
have been clinically trialled:


Grape Seed Extract/Melon Concentrate
with coated Vitamin C and Zinc

Grape seed extract helps improve the overall health and condition of the skin. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of the skin and protects the cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C, in its coated form, assists in the production of collagen of skin cells and blood vessels.


Wheat Ceramosides
Skin youth and hydration depend on key lipids known

as ceramosides. As we age, the skin loses these lipids resulting in dry, itchy, lack lustre skin and wrinkles. Replacing these lost ceramosides orally produces a clinically studied moisturising and anti-ageing effect
and will leave you with glowing, healthy, radiant and elastic skin.


TBT is non GMO, contains 
no additives and no  preservatives.

It provides  a highly concentrated form of ceramosides and 
antioxidants. It is all natural, vegan and gluten free.

The usual dose is one TBT tablet twice daily. 
Swallow the tablets whole with a full glass of water before

or after meals. 

Ingredients: Grape seed Extract, Melon Concentrate, Zinc citrate, Coated Vitamin C,
Wheat Ceramosides, Vitamin A, Lysine, White Tea Extract