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Joint pain and inflammation affects about 1 in 6 Aussies and many more worldwide.


There's no easy way to relieve joint pain and inflammation, but there are ways to reduce symptom severity, improve joint mobility, flexibility and quality of life.


Learn more about the traditional herbal ingredients in Cararthron® here.


Discounts apply for Australian Seniors card holders in some states. Check your Seniors Card directory or contact us here for more info.



Cararthron® 30 Caps

SKU: CD81825


    • Cararthron ® combines two herbal ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties and may assist to reduce mild joint pain and inflammation.

    Cararthron ® may be useful to:

    • Decrease symptoms of mild arthritis/mild osteoarthritis
    • Maintain and support joint mobility/flexibility
    • Reduce/relieve mild joint pain and soreness
    • Decrease or relieve mild joint stiffness
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