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At Chalmers Dale, we're not about gimmicks, fads or fancy packaging. We look to nature for nutrient dense, protective, restorative ingredients. We use natural actives in formulas that deliver optimal skin benefits. Our products aim to reduce the impact of skin damage, to restore, protect and enhance skin's appearance - especially as we get older.

Our skincare is kind to sensitive skin. Our formulas are pH-balanced, antibacterial, non-comedogenic and have little or no fragrance.


This keeps our products beautiful,and keeps your skin beautiful too.


Delicious hair & body care

With moisture-rich Jojoba Oil and nourishing Propolis & Royal Jelly, your skin, hair and body will be clean, radiant and totally healthy with Chalmers Dale.

Our Jojoba Oil products are made from pure, pesticide-free jojoba oil. From moisture, to hydration, cleansing and repair, Jojoba Oil is the most versatile and effective skincare solution for any age.

Our Essential Basics range features Propolis & Royal Jelly as key active ingredients. It's specially formulated to help repair and support clear, healthy skin, hair and scalps too!

More than cleansing and conditioning, our bath and body range actively smooths, heals and replenishes.


It's the perfect solution for dry skin, irritated scalps and brittle hair, promoting vibrant growth and healthy renewal.

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