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If you could only have one skin and beauty product, Jojoba Oil should be it! Its the most clean, natural and versatile skincare product around. Here, we've enhanced our pure Australian Jojoba Oil with Lavender essential oil for a luxurious touch of calm!


Learn more about Jojoba Oil here.

CD Pure Jojoba Oil with Lavender: 1 x 50ml

    • Pure Australian Jojoba Oil, with a touch of Lavender Oil.
    • 100% natural - zero additives
    • Plant based, cruelty free
    • Non greasy and quickly absorbed
    • Cold-pressed for purity and quality of oil
    • Extremely versatile. Jojoba Oil can be used as:
      • Facial cleanser & moisturiser
      • Make up or eye make-up remover
      • Body moisturiser
      • Massage Oil
      • Hair treatment
      • Nail treatment
    • This Jojoba Oil is enhanced with Lavender essential oil for an extra element of soothing.
    • Lavender brings antibacterial properties and the calming, soothing scent for which its so well loved.
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