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For simple, natural and versatile skincare, you can't beat Jojoba Oil. A timeless ingredient in skin and beauty products for body, hair, lips and face. Chalmers Dale uses pure Australian Jojoba Oil. Here, it's blended with a touch of Eucalyptus oil for for that unique clean Australian bush fragrance!


Learn more about Jojoba Oil here.

CD Pure Jojoba Oil with Eucalyptus: 1 x 50ml

    • Pure Australian Jojoba Oil, with a touch of Eucalyptus oil
    • 100% natural - zero additives
    • Plant based, cruelty free
    • Non greasy and quickly absorbed
    • Cold-pressed for purity and quality of oil
    • Australian Eucalyptus oil is a common antibacterial oil loved for its fresh scent, reminiscent of the Australian bush!
    • Eucaltyptus Oil can be massaged into skin to help relieve muscle tension
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