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Chalmers Dale Jojoba body cleansing bars are made from premium Australian pesticide free Jojoba Oil.  We've added Eucalyptus oil to this soap for a fresh invigorating scent.


Learn more about Jojoba Oil here.

Jojoba Eucalyptus Aroma Soap 100g - 3 pack

SKU: CD9019E
    • Concentrated Pure Jojoba Oil in a rich natural vegetable based soap.
    • Cleansing, hydrating, and lightly exfoliating.
    • Australian Jojoba Oil and Jojoba beads for moisture, barrier protection and light exfoliation.
    • Near-neutral pH soap - perfect for dry and sensitive skin.
    • This 3 pack is enhanced by fresh smelling, uplifting and naturally antibacterial eucalyptus oil.
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