Chalmers Dale’s Propolis Soap is not like any other soap in that it contains active Propolis in an extremely gentle all vegetable soap base of near neutral pH. Propolis Soap with Manuka Honey is a soft, luxurious rich cleansing soap offering the benefits of Propolis, Manuka Oil and Raw Manuka Honey. Propolis Soap takes care of unwanted bacteria on the surface - the cause of many skin infections.

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This unique, all natural soap is used for face, body and hands and also provides necessary nutrients to delicate skin tissues. Propolis Soap does not dry out the skin and is suitable for all skin types. Propolis Soap is used to clear skin problems such as acne, pimples, psoriasis, fungus, different types of skin rashes and many other skin care problems. Propolis Soap has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, and is a non-allergenic.


The incorporation of bee propolis in a soap represents a major breakthrough in the quest for an all-natural health aid that can assist the body in fighting viral, bacterial and fungal infections and soothe skin. This in only possible provided that the soap contains sufficient quantity of active propolis to kill these pathogens.

The effect of the soap is also enhanced by using honey and pure sandalwood oil in the formulation, adding to the luxury of a cleansing product.


Propolis provides the natural antibacterial activity, while Honey, with its complex composition of nectar and enzymes, minerals and chlorophyll derivatives and sansophyls, moisturising effects, and sandalwood oil, providing a relaxing and refreshing fragrance.

  • C-D Propolis Soap contains an adequate level of propolis which assists in treating vaginal parasites and acute cervicitis. As a result it has always been considered a “woman’s friend” to prevent and assists in mild vaginal infections from fungal and bacterial pathogens (Ref: Santana Perez E. Lugones Botell M.Perez Stuart O. Castillo Brito B., “Vaginal Parasites and acute cervicitus:local treatment with propolis”, Revista Cubana de Enfermeria. 11(1):51-6, 1995 Jan-Jun)
  • It is a well known fact that the skin often suffers from small cuts and nicks from daily exposure to the environment which allows germs and bacteria to enter into the skin which may lead to serious infections. By using C-D Propolis Soap regularly this risk is reduced, as it is a well known fact that Propolis has a strong natural antibacterial effect. (Ref: Kujumgiev A Bankova V. Ignatova A. Popov S. “Antibacterial activity of Propolis, some of its componenets and analogs” Pharmazie. 48(10):785-6, 1993 Oct.; Vennat.B Arouet-Grand A, Pourrat A, “ Skin healing preparations:compared in vitro diffusion of the active ingredients – Propolis” Drug Development & Industrial Pharmacy. 24(3):253-60, 1998 Mar)
  • Propolis is also known to promote the production of melanin which gives skin its natural elasticity and assists in the hydration of the epithelial cells. (Ref: G.R.Hermann; J.A. Bracamonte, “Propolis Extract as a sunscreen agent” Drug & Cosmetic Industry, Oct 1990 v147 n4 p38(4))
  • Blemishes can sometimes be caused by a cold sore virus, herpes simplex. Herpes simplex causes cold sores on the face which are often difficult to heal. Propolis is known to be effective against this virus. (Ref: Giurcaneanu F, et al, “Treatment of cutaneous herpes and herpes zoster with Nivcrisol –D containing propolis” Virologie. 39(1):21-4, 1998 Jan-Mar; Amoros, M et al, “Comparison of anti-herpes simplex virus activities of propolis on 3-methyl-but-2-enyl-caffeate” J.Naturals products 57 (5):644-647 (1994))
  • The use of propolis soap can also assist in the treatment of acne vulgaris which is basically caused by bacterial action on excessive oily skin. The mildness of the soap, combined with the antibacterial effect and stimulation of the growth of skin cells assists in the elimination of acne.



CD Propolis and Honey Soap is also recommended for bathing babies and young children principally in areas where purity of water sources cannot be guaranteed. The propolis in the soap assists in the elimination of harmful pathogens present in the water thus reducing the chance for them to be active on exposed or broken skin.


CD Propolis Manuka Honey Soap: 1 x 100g

SKU: CD8819
  • By combining Propolis, Manuka and Honey in a pure vegetable based soap of near neutral pH together with rich Sandalwood Oil, Chalmers Dale is able to produce a sensuous combination which moisturises the skin and gives a smooth silky feel. Use regularly to ward off skin diseases and bad odour.

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