Our essential basics hair conditioner features Royal Jelly and Propolis; natural ingredients with specific vitamins and nutrients that help your hair thrive. 


Royal Jelly is rich in B vitamins, but specifically, it's B9 the less known B vitamins - biotin, inositol. These give Royal Jelly great hair benefits. Biotin boosts keratin production, supporting strong hair and hair repair. Inositol and B9 increase healthy hair growth and help prevent hair loss too. 


With added Propolis, our speciality conditioner literally conditions your scalp. It reduces irritation, dryness, flaky scalp and dandruff. This makes a much better ground for growing healthy, strong, more beautiful looking hair.


Chalmers Dale Propolis and Royal Jelly Conditioner improves hair strength, hair growth and scalp health for smooth, healthy, easy-to manage beautiful hair. 

Royal Jelly & Propolis Hair Conditioner

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  • A specialty hair conditioner with Royal Jelly and Propolis to help your hair thrive. 

    Rich in B9, inositol and folate, Royal Jelly supports keratin production for strong hair, hair repair and hair growth.  

    Propolis adds antioxidant and antibacterial support, improving the condition of your hair and scalp. 

    Together these improve hair strength, hair growth and scalp health, reducing frizz and fly aways, for smoother, healthier more beautiful hair.