Chalmers Dale is proud to present a non-alcohol based Propolis supplement which has all the attributes of EEP. The challenge of producing a non-alcoholic Propolis is complicated by the fact that Propolis is naturally dark in colour, soluble in ethanol and often includes beeswax and resins.


Chalmers Dale is the only company that has met this challenge of being able to produce an extract free of all impurities which is non-alcoholic, low colour index and of the finest purity withoutsacrificing the benefits of some 150 compounds which are crucial to the efficacy of Propolis itself.


This guaranteed “potency” of natural standardised propolis extract is extremely easy to take and is pleasant tasting with its alcohol free base.


CD Propolis Aqualiquid does not contain any alcohol. It may be used in the treatment of colds and flu and minor throat and mouth infections.


Taking CD Propolis Aqualiquid regularly promotes health for the following reasons:

  • Propolis is well known for its free radical scavenging properties. Free radicals are the by products of our tissues and cause ageing and breakdown of vital organs, including blood vessels. By taking C-D Propolis products regularly, it prevents the body organs from breaking down and protects their function in the body, promoting health. It also maintains good elasticity of the blood vessels that are most important as they convey nutrients and waste products in our body system. This will assist in peripheral circulation, which is essential for good memory, maintaining proper body functions, etc.
  • Propolis has also been found to have specific toxicity towards cancer tumor cells. It has absolutely no effect on normal cells. As a result, it guards our bodies against cancer, quickly killing off any cells which may turn cancerous as a result of any other toxic compounds in our system or caused by the environment.
  • Propolis has a specific effect on liver injury caused by excessive drinking. The Propolis works by reversing the damage caused by excessive intake of alcohol. Obviously one must discontinue to drink alcohol excessively, but taking C-D Propolis products is considered beneficial for liver damage.
  • Propolis is particularly potent against pathogens, which cause ulcers in the stomach; in particular, helicobacter pylori and germs, which cause stomach upsets and discomfort. Propolis Aqualiquid is especially beneficial in eradicating this pathogen.
    It has also been shown that propolis is active against viruses, and in particular, the flu virus. By taking Propolis Aqualiquid regularly, one is able to protect oneself against the ravages of winter flu and ills.
  • Finally, Propolis is well known for its immunogenetic properties. In other words, it stimulates the body to manufacture immune T cells, which protects the body against viral and bacterial attack. In most cases, we get sick because of the fact that our body succumbs to the attacks of viruses and bacteria, which is present in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. By drinking Propolis regularly we fortify our body and provide strength to fend off these viruses and germs. This results in a more healthy body.


CD Propolis Products are recognised as nature’s remarkable healing gift to mankind.

CD Propolis Aqualiquid: 3x30ml

SKU: CD8818
  • This product is a non-alcohol based Propolis supplement that has all the attributes of EEP (Ethanolic Extracts of Propolis). This extract is free from all impurities, has a low color index and is of the utmost purity with a guaranteed potency equal to our Propolis Liquid.


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