As an alternative to taking Propolis regularly in liquid form, Chalmers Dale has manufactured a softgel capsule containing 500mg of Active Propolis. Each capsule contains Propolis Extract equiv. 500mg fresh Propolis. 500mg Propolis is encapsulated in a “kosher” softgel which one can take on a regular basis to help improve general well being. The softgel capsules have a definite advantage over tablets in that it contains propolis extract in aliquidised form within the capsules, making sure that the propolis is carried to the correct part of the gastrointestinal system whereby it is released for rapid absorption into the body.

These natural gel capsules are a very convenient way of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Take two or three capsules each day to boost your body’s strength; and for stomach and intestinal infections.


CD Propolis Capsules are a concentrated extract of propolis in the form of pure soft gelatin capsules.

Taking CD Propolis Capsules regularly promotes health for the following reasons:

  • Propolis is well known for its free radical scavenging properties. Free radicals are the by products of our tissues and cause ageing and breakdown of vital organs, including blood vessels. By taking CD Propolis products regularly, it prevents the body organs from breaking down and protects their function in the body, promoting health. It also maintains good elasticity of the blood vessels that are most important as they convey nutrients and waste products in our body system. This will assist in peripheral circulation, which is essential for good memory, maintaining proper body functions, etc.
  • Propolis has also been found to have specific toxicity towards cancer tumor cells. It has absolutely no effect on normal cells. As a result, it guards our bodies against cancer, quickly killing off any cells which may turn cancerous as a result of any other toxic compounds in our system or caused by the environment.
  • Propolis has a specific effect on liver injury caused by excessive drinking. The Propolis works by reversing the damage caused by excessive intake of alcohol. Obviously one must discontinue to drink alcohol excessively, but taking CD Propolis products is considered beneficial for liver damage.
  • Propolis is particularly potent against pathogens, which cause ulcers in the stomach; in particular, helicobacter pylori and germs, which cause stomach upsets and discomfort. Propolis Aqualiquid is especially beneficial in eradicating this pathogen.
    It has also been shown that propolis is active against viruses, and in particular, the flu virus. By taking Propolis Aqualiquid regularly, one is able to protect oneself against the ravages of winter flu and ills.
  • Finally, Propolis is well known for its immunogenetic properties. In other words, it stimulates the body to manufacture immune T cells, which protects the body against viral and bacterial attack. In most cases, we get sick because of the fact that our body succumbs to the attacks of viruses and bacteria, which is present in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. By drinking Propolis regularly we fortify our body and provide strength to fend off these viruses and germs. This results in a more healthy body.

CD Propolis Products are recognised as nature’s remarkable healing gift to mankind.



Chalmers Dale uses Propolis collected in Australia that is certified to be freefrom lead and other heavy metals. The fact that Propolis comes from tree and plant sources collected by bees makes it extremely important that there be no contamination from either pesticides or heavy metals. Once included in Propolis, these pesticides or heavy metals are difficult to remove and there are no known processes that can purify Propolis without removing certain important components, thereby making it less effective.


The Propolis extract that Chalmers Dale uses has been purified using a unique process of “cryogenic” filtration, whereby the extract is subjected to extremely low temperatures, where impurities can be crystallised and filtered out. The result is an extract that is extremely pure in nature, possessing all the attributes of Propolis without the impurities.


Chalmers Dale use standardised pure Propolis extract to ensure the consistency of the products.

CD Propolis Capsules 500mg: 1 x 370 capsules

SKU: CD8838
  • As an alternative to taking Propolis regularly in liquid form, Chalmers Dale recommends Propolis Gel Capsules. Each Propolis Extract capsule contains the equivalent of 500 mg fresh Propolis in a "kosher" soft gel which one can take on a regular basis to help improve general well being. Take two or three capsules each day to boost your body's strength and for stomach and intestinal infections.


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