New formula with double strength Propolis extract!

Chalmers Dale has carefully chosen nourishing ingredients from nature to leave your skin moisturized and more elastic with this intensely moisturizing body cream. Fortified with propolis this cream is known to assist in combating dry skin, without leaving any greasy residue, only the fresh, beautiful skin. 

>> Also available in 3 Pack! 


The formulation of a Cream which includes Propolis brings with it the benefits of Propolis which has well known benefits of being a natural antibacterial, anti-styptic and toning and healing epithelial cells. The challenge of incorporating Propolis is complicated by the fact that propolis is naturally dark in color, soluble in ethanol and often includes beeswax and resins.


Chalmers Dale is the only company that has met this challenge of being able to produce an extract which is non alcoholic, low color index and of the finest purity without sacrificing the benefits of some 150 compounds which are crucial to the efficacy of Propolis itself.


CD Propolis Cream has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties which protects the skin from germs and pathogens.



Chalmers Dale uses Propolis collected from Australia which is certified to be free from lead and heavy metals. The fact that Propolis comes from tree and plant sources collected by the bees makes it extremely important that there is no contamination from either pesticides or heavy metals. These pesticides or heavy metals, once included in the propolis, are often difficult to remove and there are no known process that can purify Propolis without removing certain important components of Propolis making it less effective.



CD Propolis Cream is designed to promote skin smoothness and radiance. It protects and moisturises the skin and has a light texture and non-greasy finish making it ideal for day and night use. When used regularly, it will replenish the skin and stabilise it against free radicals leaving it hydrated and revitalised.

CD Propolis Cream can be used as a sunscreen because propolis extracts allow passage of tanning rays but reduce erythermal radiation. C-D Propolis Cream contains an adequate level of propolis which is a natural UV sunscreen. When used regularly, this prevents sunburn and in many instances prevents pigmentation of the skin. In short, it is a natural skin whitener. (Reference)


Blemishes can sometimes be caused by a cold sore virus, herpes simplex. Herpes simplex causes cold sores on the face which are often difficult to heal. Propolis is known to be effective against this virus. (Reference)


The fact that Propolis contains many bioflavanoids, which are well known for its radical scavenging properties, mops up free radicals on the epithelial layers and prevents ageing of the layer. Free radicals are mainly responsible for the ageing effect and drying of the skin. (Reference)


Its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties protects the skin from germs and pathogens which are present in the atmosphere. Infections are less likely and if infections occur prevents the skin from being broken and causing scarring and blemishes. (Reference)


Propolis is also known to promote the production of melanin which gives skin its natural elasticity and assists in the hydration of the epithelial cells. (Reference)

CD Propolis Moisture Cream: 1 x 50g

SKU: CD8805
  • Propolis Cream is designed to promote skin smoothness and radiance. It protects and moisturises the skin and has a light texture and non-greasy finish, making it ideal for both day and night use. When used regularly, it will replenish the skin and stabilize it against free radicals, leaving it hydrated and revitalised.

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