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Propolis breath mint chews are great for anyone who wants a delicious tasting breath-freshening antibacterial throat lozenge.


Our breath mints contain propolis, honey and peppermint oil, each with significantly antibacterial properties and unmistakable cooling minty freshness!

Propolis Breath Mints: 3 x 96g packs

SKU: CD8203
$25.00 Regular Price
$17.50Sale Price


  • This product contains sugar, glucose syrup, honey, propolis extract, and peppermint oil.

    Serving Size 3g 100g


    46.2 kJ 1540.9 kJ
    Protein <1g <1g
    Fat <1g <1g
     - Total 2.7g 90.6g
     - Sugar 2.2g 74.0g
     - Sodium 2.0mg 58.0mg
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