With carefully chosen nourishing ingredients, our Propolis moisturising cream provides continuous mositure and battier protecting, locking in moisture for skin that is smoother,softer and more elastic.  


Fortified with natural propolis, our daily moisture cream naturally delivers antibacterial, and antioxidant benefits; protecting, healing and revitalising your skin.



The propolis used in our facial cream is extracted using the most effective filtration process to for the highest purity and concentration of active enzymes and antioxidant.


The result is effective delivery of antibacterial enzymes to clean, clear and tone the skin, with penetrating antioxidants to reduce the visible effects of aging.


Our beautiful propolis facial cream is light, non-greasy and can be used day and night as part of a simple but effective beauty and skincare routine.


Perfect for mature and anging skin, here our Propolis Moisture Cream is sold in a pack of three.



Propolis Moisture Cream

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  • 3-Pack Propolis Moisture Cream for the ultimate affordable, effective skincare.

    Propolis Moisture Cream promotes clear, smoothe, radiant skin, with active Propolis; a natural source of antibacterial and antioxidant nourishment. 

    This lightweight moisturiser protects and nourishes with a non non-greasy finish, so it's ideal for day and night use.

    Used regularly, Propolis Moisture Cream helps keep your skin clean, clear, well-hydrated and radiantly healthy.