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Supercharge your antiaging skincare routine with the unbeatable combination of Propolis & Vitamin C.

Propolis Antiaging Super C Serum, 15ml

SKU: CD5100
$34.95 Regular Price
$24.47Sale Price


  • Concentrated Vitamin C Serum with active Propolis is the next best thing for antiaging skincare.

    We use Magnesium Ascorbyl Phsophate (MAP), a stable form of easy-to-absorb Vitamin C gentle enough to use every day, even for senstive skin.

    Combined with nutrient powerhouse Propolis, this serum does all the hardlifting for you!

    Nourishing ingredients that support collagen production, skin tissue healing, skin cell repair and importantly, ongoing protective antioxidant activity.

    It's the most powerful combination of active skin nutrients you can find! Try it today!

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