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Easy to use trio of products for healthy skin from the inside out! This skin health pack includes:

  • Golden Flaxseed Oil Supplements
  • Jojoba Ultra Hydrating Face Cream
  • Super C Serum featuring Vitamin C & Propolis 

Valued at $94.95, sold as a trio, this Women's Healthy Skin Trio is just $84.95!

Women's Super Healthy Skin Pack

SKU: CD6100
$84.95 Regular Price
$59.47Sale Price


    • A trio of nutrition and skincare products chosen for their benefits for mature women's skin and health 
    • Golden Flaxseed Oil is a plant-based Omega 3 supporting heart health and women's general wellbeing
    • Assists skin hydration and smoothness 
    • Jojoba Oil Facial Cream provides natural barrier protection and supports all-day skin hydration
    • Super C Serum adds intense VItamin C and antioxidants to fight free radicals, signs of aging and pigmentation 
    • Valued over $95. Buy as a pack for just $75!
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