Chalmers Dale’s Jojoba Moisturising Soap is made using Australian Sourced Jojoba Oil which have been extracted from seeds grown without the use of pesticides. This results in an extremely gentle and pure soap base of near neutral pH.


In addition to this jojoba ester beads are incorporated to provide gentle and effective mild exfoliation. It is gentle enough for daily use and deposits a barrier of soothing Jojoba Ester which moisturises and softens the skin.


These spherical jojoba ester beads are also odourless and are totally biodegradable.

Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax rather than a true oil, and it’s very similar to the sebum of the skin. Because it forms a light, non-greasy layer that doesn't clog the skins pores, it’s often used in all types of skin preparations. 


This pack of three different scents is a great way to get the best of each. 


Lavender - Relaxing and soothing

Hinoki - Calming and uplifting

Eucalyptus - Fresh and invigorating


CD Jojoba Aroma Soap: 3 x 100g (1 x Eucalyptus, 1x Hinoki, 1 x Lavender)

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  • Apart from having a high percentage of Pure Jojoba Oil incorporated into this rich natural vegetable based soap, Jojoba Aroma Soap also contains Essential Oils. Each set comes with 1 x Eucalyptus, 1 x Hinoki and 1 x Lavender.