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Up the anti on your skincare with this powerful and cost effective antiaging skincare routine. Toner, Serum + Intensive Skin Hydration. Valued at $99.85, Bundle buy for: $89.95

Propolis Antiaging Skincare Bundle

SKU: CD6110
$89.95 Regular Price
$62.97Sale Price


  • Premium antiaging skincare bundle featuring the antioxidant  nutrient powerhouse, Propolis. Your pack includes:

    • Propolis Skin Toner: to cleanse skin, close pores and reduce oil and bacterial build up
    • Propolis & Vitamin C Serum: Ultra high concentration of Propolis & Vitamin C to enhance collagen production, repair damaged skin and act against free radicals, slowing the impact of aging and environment on your skin
    • Intensive Hydrating Cream:  Lasting barrier protection and moisture retention for fuller, smoother skin and visibly fewer lines
    • Valued at $99.85 / Bundled for $89.95
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