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Better than breakfast in bed: Make Mother's Day more memorable this year!

Breakfast in bed and Mother's Day lunches are lovely but this year, why not give mum a day she'll really remember? Check out these fun ideas for making your Mother's Day extra memorable this year...

Day spa for two (or more!)

A massage voucher is one of the most common (and appreciated) gifts for a busy mum. What’s even nicer is sharing a treatment with your mum. So many salons offer treatments and packages for two, three or even more people. From the most decadent to the more budget variety, there's sure to be a day spa or massage centre that can host you and your mum for a few blissful hours together. No cooking, no planning, no washing up. Just some great time relaxing together. You'll both love it!

Art & Wine

Got a crafty mum? Does she like a little tipple too? Art and wine venues are popping up all over the place. They’re a great way to share a creative afternoon or evening with your mum. You don't need to be Picasso! Anyone can paint. Let your creativity fly and hang out with your mum making creations you can both take home and remember (or not!) for years to come!

Cooking class

Whether your mum is a cooking pro or can barely boil an egg, there's a cooking class to help! You can find specialty cooking classes like vegan or vegetarian cooking, or maybe your mum loves baking or cake decorating. There are classes that teach you to make pickled vegetables, or home-made cheese or you can even just try making your mum’s favourite cuisine like Italian or Thai. The world is your oyster - no pun intended! Cooking can be such a great bonding experience. So is eating your creations afterwards!

High tea

High Tea was almost unheard of a few years ago. Now it seems every hotel and establishment offers one! High tea is time to dress up and play posh for a few hours. Unlike regular brunches or lunches, high tea has an element of celebration, of theatre and of surprise. The lovely settings, the beautiful plating, and all the fun of trying and tasting tiny little food creations. High tea is a great way to spoil your mum, and yourself!

Gallery hopping

This is a GREAT one for every budget and taste. Tailor it to suit your mum's interests. Does she like classic art, modern art, big international shows or small local exhibits ? There's so much to choose from! With free access to so many public galleries, libraries and museums this is a superb way to spend time with your mum without spending too much money! Of course there are also paid events and exhibitions which are often interactive and lots of fun! Either way, there's almost always somewhere to grab a nice cuppa or lunch to make the day even more special.

Movie Marathons

The ultimate easy option for the budget conscious, for less mobile mums and for anyone who loves a chilled out day on the lounge with mum too! Get the popcorn out, get cosy and pick all your mum's favourite flicks for an afternoon of laughing, crying, suspense or all of the above!

However you spend your Mother's Day, or special family day, we hope you enjoy it.

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