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Give Your Hair the Royal (Jelly) Treatment!

Royal Jelly is widely reported as having many health benefits – antioxidant, antiaging and anti-inflammatory to name a few. It is also anecdotally used to reduce premenstrual syndrome and as a a support to postmenopausal women. But did you know how good it is for your hair?

Royal Jelly is the milky secretion produced by worker honeybees for the nutrition of larvae and queen bees. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals intended to keep the growing larvae and queen healthy in the hive. Royal jelly is rich in three vitamins in particular – Biotin, Folic acid and Inositol – all of which are considered necessary for strong, healthy hair. The biotin in royal jelly helps our body to produce keratin, the building block of hair and nails.

Folic acid helps with healthy cell growth and skin regeneration, and with that comes hair regeneration and regrowth. Inositol is another vitamin considered vital for hair growth. Deficiencies in these three vitamins have been known to cause hair loss.

Royal Jelly is rich in Vitamin B5 - also called pantothenic acid – which is known to promote healthy skin, hair, eyes and liver. It can increase your hair volume, encourage hair growth, reduce hair loss and in some instances may prevent hair from turning prematurely grey. The combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids in Royal Jelly can help nourish hair while it is still in the follicle, giving it the start it needs to grow into healthy, strong hair. Royal Jelly soothes your scalp due to its high moisture content and can eliminate the dry, flaky skin. The extra moisture from royal jelly will mean hair breakage is reduced, hair thickness increased and damage caused from over styling can be repaired. As well as Royal Jelly, there is another star in the world of bee products that can benefit your hair - Propolis. Propolis is widely used in skincare products due to its anti-inflammation and antimicrobial properties. The wound healing properties of Propolis will keep your scalp healthy, enabling your hair to grow strong and stay strong. Propolis also acts as a softener to help create soft, shiny and manageable hair.

We have incorporated both Royal Jelly and Propolis into our Chalmers Dale Essential Basics Shampoo & Conditioner - it really is the Queen Bee of hair care! With royal jelly for nourishment, and propolis for its antioxidant properties, your hair will be clean, soft, shiny and less prone to breakage and fly-aways. Our products also contain Australian lemon myrtle oil to give a lovely, naturally fresh fragrance.

Try the products in our Essential Basics hair care range and you will receive a 20% discount on your first order! Enter code HAIR20 at checkout! Order now!

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